“My paintings are inspired by light and shadow. I am moved by striking moods in the clouds, rain and mist, as well as the flow of monks’ Saffron Robes. There is a palpable hush of wonder, with no fixed perspective in my works. My paintings flow out of silence; a dreamlike morphology suggesting tranquility and a sense of spirituality as figures dissolve into landscape. The fleeting passage of their quiet moments seen on my canvas and rice paper shines light on the immensity of our universe and the significance of human beings.”

Thep Thavonsouk

Book Launch – 45 Years of Thep’s Art

A lifetime of knowledge, and collection of 127 paintings, from over 40 years of Thep Thavonsouk’s career as an artist, shared in this retrospective 158 page book. Full-colour, hand-bound, hard cover, coffee table format; available now.

For more information and to purchase your copy, please contact Thep at thavonsoukthep@gmail.com.